Friday, September 20, 2013

This stuffs for Babies

Baby goods may become my favorite thing to sew if I'm not careful. There are so many bonuses. Cuteness for one. Nice soft fabrics to work with. And it's incredibly cost effective since you need such a small amount of fabric! Plus there are endless ideas out there and with babies popping out left, right, but the majority center, being able to whip up a gift in a couple hours is pretty convenient.

For example, the items below were for a dear friend of mine's baby boy. I think he appreciated the dinosaur as he was biting/throwing it in no time.

A dinosaur! Who likes parsley maybe? I found
this pattern online as well. Who knows where?
I might be able to find out if you're interested.
This is a simple lil' bib that I found on online
pattern for. It has a contrasting fabric on
the back and a simple loop and button to
attach it.

So many visiting babies this summer! These two gals have
been given away to new owners who are no doubt
thrashing them about and getting them covered in pureed carrots

Hightlights and braids.

These dolls are pretty up to date with their hairstyles.
I've made some baby booties out of leather in the past and some little cotton ones recently too but I like the idea of getting into toys instead of wearables. Giving the babies what they want cause that's the kind of lifestyle they're used to.

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