Friday, September 20, 2013

a very Anne summer

It's been a hectic season, the summer especially. I'm used to being gainfully unemployed in the summer so being a manager in a place that was busier than it was used to, made for lots of distractions from other projects. I did manage to get some things done, before, during and after though so here's a glimpse at what I was doing in the spring, before the chaos began.

I was, and still technically am I guess if you check the programs, Wardrobe Assistant for Anne and Gilbert the Musical! Coincidentally, I was also the Box Office Manager for the summer at The Guild where it is playing. Kelly Caseley is the Head of Wardrobe so I was very fortunate to work alongside her and learn many things over long hours.

Of course, the busier you are the less you document so here are just a few shots of finished pieces which I either added to or made from scratch.

I added black trim by sewing on twill tape
design by hand and then reinforcing by
Detail of Mayan inspired twill tape trim

Twill tape trim that goes from the collar in
front, down the back of the jacket.
There was originally a corduroy collar and
cuffs which I removed and added black
twill tape trim in a mock collar design.


I didn't make much from scratch; a gathered walking skirts for Josie Pye and one for a Redmond girl, a fresh looking mint green tie for Gilbert, a mutant dress that was the combination of two dresses and a few other small things. Most of the work was fixing garments, sizing them to the actor and replacing zippers and buttons with larger zippers or velcro. The outfit on the left and right below, has not been worn yet but is for a few future shows. I had a pattern for the bolero jacket and just winged it on the skirt, getting every inch out of the material I could in order to make it wide enough to walk in. The crossover in the front enables it to be widened for future wearers, something I never had to keep in mind before when making clothing. Lots of eye openers working in theatre. You have a lot more to think about when making the garment, but in the end you're able to fudge a lot of details and easily disguise your mistakes.

We spent a lot of hours on a lot of small finicky things. We also managed to pull off some pretty wonderful things like Kelly's ballgown for Anne, or the ballgown we made in a day since the one in the show was quickly falling apart. I've never been more attentive or devoted to a job though and it was incredibly satisfying ticking tasks off the list, even if the list had doubled since last time I looked at it. It was easily the best job I've ever had. Partly because it was so suited to my interests and abilities but the other big part was the company. Always enjoy who you work with, I'm learning it makes all the difference.

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  1. Don't forget Gilbert's bathing suit!! That was all you!