Friday, May 13, 2011

A couple of things, real quick like.

Since I had to re list Stay-Stitched on Etsy I decided to take and use a couple of new photos. Here is the new listing! Much brighter I think and it features my pile of fabric that hasn't gotten much attention the past few days.

A friend and often project pusher, Kelly Caseley, wrote about me in her blog, Green Man Girl! She is the one who threatened me into making clothing and selling it at her amazing store with promises of fame and free soft serve ice cream. Or, maybe that was one of my daytime fantasies that happen while ironing. Either way, I am incredibly thankful for her helpful nudge, her store, The Green Man, in which I'm allowed to sell things (for money!), and for the brilliant ideas she has on a daily basis that she is thoughtful enough to share with me and even involve me in. Her blog is full of these insights for you to get in on as well, along with helpful fashion hints and some extra special, albeit impractical, maternity wear! Designing, store running, and mothering are just a few of her talents that Charlottetown benefits from, but visit a production or filming happening in town and there is a good chance she's part of that too. Plus, she makes tiny cupcakes and gives them away! For free! Visit her blog, visit her store, and visit her at home if you get the chance, she won't mind.

It feels odd to not include a, here is a very happy customer. He's Dave.

Dave "thrilled about sewing" Maloney. No one calls him that.

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